Q. When do tickets go on sale to the general public?

Multi and single session packages go on sale 12pm, Thursday 4 October, 2018

Tickets can be purchased via the following channels:

  • Ticketek website: www.ticketek.com.au
  • Ticketek call centre: Australian bookings: 1300 888 104
  • International bookings: +61 3 9039 9407
  • Ticketek Agencies: Please note that bookings at Ticketek Agencies must be made in person and Ticketek Agencies do not accept telephone enquiries.

Q. What are the dates of the 2019 event?

The tournament dates are Sunday 6 January to Saturday 12 January 2019. The event is held at Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre.

Q. Where can I sit with the tickets I have?

Ground Passes are no longer issued at the Sydney International. Instead, every ticket grants you access to Ken Rosewall Arena and the outside courts.

  • Day Session tickets are general admission seating, meaning there is no assigned seating inside Ken Rosewall Arena so you are free to move around as you please.
  • Night Session tickets are assigned seating inside Ken Rosewall Arena, so we encourage purchasing early to secure the seats you want.
  • Premium Box seats allow you to reserve a premium seat in Ken Rosewall Arena for any day or night session. These seats are in one of the shaded boxes and includes an event gift and program.

Q. What Day/Night Sessions are there? When are the finals?

The provisional schedule is being finalised for 2019 and will be available shortly.

The Women’s singles final will be held on Saturday 12 January.

The Men’s singles final will be held on Saturday 12 January.

Q. How do I make a group booking?

Make a booking of 10 or more tickets per session to Sydney International and save! To take advantage of this offer please call the Ticketek Group bookings line on 1300 364 001 or email [email protected] . This offer is for any session from Sunday 6 January until Saturday 12 January 2019.

Please note: this offer is available on the adult rate only.

Q. I want to see a particular player in action. When are they playing?

The Sydney International is an elimination tennis tournament. Tickets are sold to sessions of the Sydney International, rather than to watch particular matches or players so it is not possible to purchase tickets in advance for a specific player. As it is an elimination tournament, a schedule for each day cannot be announced until the night prior. You can find the schedule and order of play on the Sydney International website – sydneyinternational.com.au. Remember, the schedule and order of play is subject to change at any time. Tennis tournaments are at times unpredictable and unavoidable events can occur. It all adds to the thrill and suspense of the Sydney International.

Q. How many matches are played at Ken Rosewall Arena in each session?

The schedule for each session is posted on sydneyinternational.com.au the night before each day’s play. The number of matches is determined by the Tournament Referee and is subject to change at any time.

Q. What’s the benefit in purchasing a Series Package?

When you purchase a series package you receive a discount on the total cost of buying the same sessions as single session tickets. You also get to purchase tickets before the tickets get sold as single session tickets.

Q. I have purchased a package. Why are my seats not the same for all sessions?

If you purchase a package, we try to give you the best available seats for each session. This means that we may not always be able to supply the same seats.

Q. What time can I enter on a night session ticket?

Night session ticket holders are able to enter from 5pm.

Q. What is a restricted view ticket?

A restricted view ticket is a ticket that grants access into a seating area that has been deemed as having a restricted view of the court. The reason for the restriction could include being behind the umpires chair, broadcast camera, or any area that may have only a partial view of the court. These seats have been identified and sold at a discounted rate to compensate for the quality of view. You will be told at the time of purchase if you are purchasing a restricted view ticket.

Q. What makes up a Family Pass?

A family pass consists of two adults and two children (14 and under) or one adult and three children.

Q. Who is entitled to concession tickets?

A person must have the appropriate form of concession to purchase a concession reserved seat ticket. They must present the relevant concession documentation at point of purchase and upon entry into the event.

The following are accepted forms of concession for the purchase of tickets:

  1. Student cards: full time secondary students, full time tertiary students.
  2. Pension concession card: aged (AGE), bereavement allowance (BVA), carer (CAR), aged blind (AGE BLIND), parenting payment (single) (PPS), disability support pension (DSP), disability support blind (DSP BLIND), partner allowance (PTA), sickness allowance (SAL), special benefit (SPL), widow allowance (WDA), widow pension (WID), wife pension (WFA/WFD/WFW), new start allowance over 60 years (NSW/NMA), mature age allowance (MAA), mature age partner allowance (MPA), new start allowance (NSA), parenting payment (PPP/PPS).
  3. Veteran affairs and TPI.
  4. Healthcare card: exceptional circumstances relief (DR), sickness allowance (SA), special benefit (SL), farm help income support (FFR), new start allowance (NS), youth allowance (YA), new start mature age allowance (NMA), parenting payment (single) (PPS), low income (LI), carer allowance (CD), partner allowance (PA), mobility allowance (MO), and widow assistance (FA), family assistance (FA), child disability allowance (CDA).
  5. Personal treatment entitlement card: must be current. Please check the date carefully.

Tennis Australia recognises the companion card program.

Q. What is the best way to book? How can I guarantee that I get good seats?

To ensure fairness in ticket distribution ALL booking methods commence at the same time (12pm AEST) wherever and however you book. It is important to book early as sessions sell fast.

Q. Do tickets on the internet sell faster than if I buy over the phone?

All booking methods (phone, agencies and internet) start selling tickets at the same time. To ensure that patrons who book via the phone or at agencies have equitable access to the seat inventory, the number of patrons who can access the internet site to book is set at a predetermined capacity.

Q. Is it safe to buy tickets through Ticketek over the internet?

Ticketek has taken all possible measures to allow patrons to purchase tickets online with complete confidence.

Ticketek has a secure transaction environment for online commerce. The online transaction system uses Secure Sockets Layer technology (SSL) to ensure your online shopping experience is safe and secure at all times.

SSL is the industry standard for encryption technology and is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome and most other browsers.

With the combination of Ticketek’s DigiCert 128/256 bit SSL encryption on its website and the use of a secure browser, you can be assured your transaction booking details are encrypted. SSL locks all information passed from you to Ticketek’s website in an encrypted envelope. This minimises the likelihood of interception by an unauthorised party.

Q. I have attempted to purchase tickets on the Ticketek website and I have selected my tickets but the web page has frozen and just keeps thinking. Have I still got my tickets?

The Ticketek website will only hold your tickets for eight minutes. If the web page has frozen it is likely that you have no longer got the tickets that were assigned to you. You will need to close the window and try again.

The easiest way to check if a transaction has been successful is to look for a confirmation email, which is sent at the end of every successful transaction to the email address detailed in your My Ticketek login.

Q. Can I please have exactly the same seats as last year?

If you have attended the event before and wish to be seated in a specific location in Ken Rosewall Arena, please phone Ticketek on 1300 888 104 to request the seating section. Please remember, the event cannot guarantee seating as the event sells on a first come basis.

Q. What happens if I log on to the Ticketek website before tickets go on sale?

Access to www.ticketek.com.au/sydneyinternational is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week; however, tickets cannot be purchased until 9am (AEST) the morning of the scheduled on-sale date detailed above. If you are on the site before 9am then just before tickets go on sale, REFRESH the page to ensure you get the latest information & the GET TICKETS button appears. Note a time limit of 15 minutes applies to book your tickets from the time you first log on. Access to additional information relating to the Sydney International is available on the official tournament website www.sydneyinternational.com.au before tickets go on sale.

Q. I live overseas or I will be away when tickets go on sale. How can I book?

Bookings can be made from overseas either via the internet (www.ticketek.com.au/sydneyinternational) or by phone (please call +613 9039 9407 if you are calling from an international phone number).

Q. I require a special needs ticket. How do I purchase my tickets?

To purchase special needs tickets please call the Australian Open and Australian Open Series booking line and choose the option to speak to an operator. Please mention your special needs requirement at the beginning of the booking when you are put through to an operator. These tickets go on sale at the same date and time detailed for general public.

The Australian Open Series Accessibility booking line is 1300 665 915 (or +613 9039 9407 if calling from overseas).

Q. Where is the umpire’s chair located?

The umpire’s chair is located on the western side of the court in front of sections 119-319.

Q. How can I request seats in the shade?

Please note that these seats are popular and sell very quickly. If you attempt to purchase your tickets on the internet you will have the option to purchase tickets in the shade (subject to availability). If you have decided to purchase your tickets through the Ticketek call centre or a Ticketek agency you can request that you would prefer a seat in the shade as your first preference (subject to availability). If shaded seats are required for medical reasons then patrons should contact the Australian Open & Australian Open Series booking line and ask to speak to an operator. If there are no shade tickets left then you will be offered the next best available section in the stadium. Alternatively, VIP Premium tickets, which include a shaded corporate box close to the court, can be purchased (subject to availability).

Q. Can I sell Sydney International tickets on eBay?

No because the Sydney International Ticket Conditions of Sale and Entry state that you cannot on-sell seats, therefore you will be in breach of these conditions if you put your tickets up for auction on eBay or any other auction site. Listed tickets on eBay or any other auction site that are sold above face value may be cancelled without refund and therefore patrons holding these tickets will be denied admission to the Sydney International.

Q. Are there corporate hospitality packages available at the event?

The Sydney International offers a number of Premium Ticketing packages for to make you time at the tennis a truly VIP experience.

Find out more about Premium Ticketing and Corporate Hospitality at the Sydney International. Please contact Alison Shier on 02 9024 7794.

Q. What else can I do at the tennis?

Along with the world-class tennis on show at the Sydney International, there is plenty of action off the court as well. Grab a bite to eat and a drink at one of the many food and beverage outlets on site. The range of on-site activities and a full entertainment schedule will be available later in the year. Keep an eye on the official website – sydneyinternational.com.au – for more information.

Q. I bought tickets to what I thought was the men’s semifinal but I got a different match instead. Why has the match changed?

The Sydney International organisers aim to complete the tournament on time with the objective of playing all matches over the seven days of the tournament. Tickets are sold to sessions of the Sydney International, rather than to watch particular matches or players. Tennis tournaments are at times unpredictable and unavoidable events can occur. As a result, the schedule and order of play is subject to change at any time.